A Few Words About Lauren Cardillo-Geller

Dr. Lauren Geller I believe that all people have the capacity to cope with life’s challenges, find valuable meaning in past and current experiences, and make positive

changes in their lives.  Whether you are managing multiple significant outside stressors, are having problems in your relationships, or are struggling with difficult feelings that are affecting your ability to participate fully in your life, therapy can provide a safe place to share your story and your struggles.  This can be the start of finding a new life direction, personal and interpersonal change.

As a therapist, I use a collaborative approach, in which we work together to help you to develop new perspectives, and build skills for coping and problem solving.  As a team, we will work to reach the goals that are important to you and to guide you towards experiencing your life with vitality and meaning. I am committed to providing research based, effective treatment methods including Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment therapies (ACT).  These therapies teach us that compassion, commitment to values, mindfulness and acceptance are integral to change, and thus building skills in these areas will be the underlying focus throughout our work.  CBT opens a window to finding a deeper understanding of the connection between your thoughts, emotions and behavior.  This practical, action oriented approach helps you to build the skills you need to evaluate and shape your thoughts so that you are actively engaged in moving towards the goals that are important to you.  ACT can be an extremely powerful method to help us be with our difficult feelings, as opposed to trying to “fix” them.  ACT can help us to take actions towards what is important to us, while at the same time, opening ourselves up to and accepting our emotional experiences.  Ultimately, my hope is that you will learn how to become your own therapist, and be able to take the skills we learn together with you outside the therapy office, into your life and your relationships.


As a licensed clinical social worker, I have worked in outpatient mental health agencies, providing psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and families struggling with varied emotional and relational problems including depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, trauma, grief caregiving stress, learning and developmental challenges, family and parenting issues.  My clinical experience has focused on working with adolescents and their families, and I find it extremely rewarding to help young people through their struggles and in helping family members build stronger connections with one another.

In my doctoral work, I studied and counseled families who experienced the loss of a loved one in the 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks and thus have much knowledge in how to help families adjust and cope following traumatic loss.  I have both a personal and professional interest in supporting families of children with special needs, and in working with children with developmental disabilities. I have a great deal of experience navigating and coordinating the multiple systems special needs families encounter, including the school (IEP) and medical systems.  I believe strongly that families need specialized guidance and care in supporting their unique child with special needs.


I received my Ph.d in Advanced Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, and I’m a licensed Clinical Social Worker #65004

Professional Affiliations

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences