Couples Counseling

We have weekday and weekend appointments available for your convenience.

Couples and Marriage Counseling

The most important relationship that affects your quality of life is the one you have with your partner or spouse. Therefore, investing in your relationship can have a big impact on having a more satisfying life.

Do you find that every conversation with your partner ends in an argument? Are you dealing with difficult life events that are putting extra stress on your relationship? Is your relationship overall good but you find that you are not always on the same page?  Couples counseling can help.

We work with couples on how to come together during these times instead of growing apart. Some of the issues we can focus on include: communication, parenting, increasing intimacy, managing stress, infidelity, sexual difficulties, family stress, conflict with in-laws and issues with remarriage/ blended families.

In addition to our regular sessions we offer extended sessions, half day retreats and full day individualized in office and destination retreats. Inquire for pricing and additional details.


If you are interested in a private couples retreat click here for more information on how we can help support you.

Premarital Counseling

The best gift you can give yourself is starting your marriage off on the right foot. There are conversations that need to occur and skills and tools you can learn to set your relationship up for success.

We offer a comprehensive 4 session approach to identifying potential issues and teaching basic communication and conflict resolution skills to aid in resolving those issues. Additional sessions are available for those who require/desire further support.

Our program can be done in a one day mini-retreat, or spread out between 2-4 sessions so it can fit your schedule and preferences more appropriately.

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