Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

Children & Teens

Is your child or teen struggling? Are their difficulties in your relationship and you feel they could use some support? Have they been through a traumatic event or loss? Here are some of the areas where we can help:

  • Declining School Performance  |  ADHD  |  Fights over grades and homework
  • Bullying  |  Social isolation  |  Relationship Struggles
  • Anxiety  |  Excessive Worrying  |  Stress  |  Difficulty Adjusting
  • Family Conflict  |  Power Struggles
  • Behavioral Concerns  |  Acting Out Behaviors  |  Anger Management
  • Child Abuse (emotional, sexual, physical, neglect)
  • Depression   |   Suicidal Thoughts or Tendencies  |   Sadness
  • Divorce  |   Separation  |   Blended Family Issues
  • Grief and Loss  |   Trauma  |   PTSD
  • Life Transitions (birth of a sibling, adoption, change in school, illness)
  • Self-Esteem  |   Social Skills  |   Assertiveness Training
  • Alcohol and Drug use  |   Concerns about sex

In individual therapy we can address a variety of issues on a deeper and more personal level. We work with adults on a variety of issues such as:

Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Depression, Feeling Overwhelmed, Stress, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Coping with Change, Parenting, Divorce, PTSD, Trauma, Work/Life Balance, Relationship Struggles, Grief, Anger, Assertiveness Training, and Personal Growth.

We have extensive experience working with individuals with Trauma, PTSD, Sexual Abuse, and Domestic Violence.

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